FRM-06 / CRK
FRM-06 / CRK
Processor8-bit or 32-Bit CPU
PluUp To 3000
Operating Temperature-10ºC ~40ºC
Display14 Digits (6 Alphanumeric) LCD Display For Customer and Operator
Printer2" Thermal Printer with easy loading
Paper Width2 X 28 mm
Printer SpeedUp To 150mm/Sec
Fiscal Memory1Mbit, 2Mbit or 4Mbit FM
Keyboard30 Keys Raised
PortsRS-232, USB, mini USB, Ethernet, PS2 
DimensionsH=98mm W=150mm L=315mm

Online FeaturesOnline Sales
Electronic JournalFrom 2 MB Customized EJ Up To 2GB SD Card EJ
GprsIn-Built GPRS Module
Printer3"  Thermal Printer With Easy Loading
Display2-Line or 4-Lines Operator Display
Paper Width57 +/- 0.5 mm with Electronic Journal
BatteryRechargeable Backup Battery
PeripheralsBarcode Reader, Cash Drawer, Scale, Pole Display, Invoice Printer, Kitchen Printer